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Using Ghee for your Clogged Nose

There is nothing pleasant about cold and clogged nose. You have difficulty in breathing; your taste sense is hampered, and let's not forget the headache and exhaustion that follows. Ayurveda has an interesting nasal drop remedy that may help soothe clogged nose. Ayurvedic experts call it the Nyasa treatment for cold and it involves pouring a few drops of warm pure cow ghee into the nostrils, first thing in the morning. Doing so may provide quick relief as the ghee travels all the way down to the throat and soothes the infection. Make sure, the ghee is pure and warmed to lukewarm temperature.

For about seven to ten days, if you take two drops of warm ghee and use it like a nasal drop in the night before you go to bed, it has a certain impact on you, plus it also lubricates the nasal passage, so that in the morning you can get the mucus out very easily and you will have clean nostrils.

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