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How to Stay Healthy amidst the Festival Temptations?

December is unquestionably the most awaited time of the year! Unfortunately, it’s also the time when we forget about our health and diet. It’s easy to put off healthy living habits, especially during this season. There is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and lots of reasons to binge through year’s old family recipes. With so many scrumptious dishes on the table, hardly anyone can resist the temptation.

Of course, this is the time of the year, where it’s fine to free your inner spirit and overindulge, but don’t let it take a toll on your health.

Why should you focus more on your health during the festival season?

According to a survey, an average person gains 5 to 7 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Technically, whether it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving, most of the festivals are a way to celebrate good health and wealth, friends and families. So, on the one hand, while we are praying for better health and happiness, how can we ignore health and well-being?

Most of us maintain the oath to good health for the entire year and in just one month it’s all gone. Just a little ignorance can cause you to lose your beautiful physique. In some of the worst cases of ignorance, we even heard about food poisoning and sickness due to overeating.

Staying healthy over the holidays needs a lot of determination and planning. As health enthusiasts, we want you to enjoy the festivities without having to gain those unwanted pounds. So, here we have some clever tips on staying healthy and fit without missing the fun.

Tips to maintain your health over the holiday season

  • Make room for exercise

Overnight parties, family gatherings, and the chilling cold, the odds are low that you will get any motivation for exercising. But, if you want to enjoy the delicacies of Christmas and New Year without any guilt, the only option is to shake yourself a little. Even if you are not in the mood, a small walk after dinner will do the job.

Always remember, the more activity the better, so keep at least 20 min aside for your workout. To keep the festivity spirit high, you can organize competitions and small matches like biking, Frisbees, and Football. This way, you can spend time with your family and can keep up with your health routine.

  • Do not skip breakfast

Excess of booze and overeating during night parties leaves us in no mood for breakfast. But, is that the right thing to do? According to nutritionists, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, never start your day without a healthy meal. During Christmas, it’s natural to indulge in a tempting warm English breakfast, but fry-ups should be a big no. They lack hangover busting elements and are high in fat content.

If you are into home-cooked meal, omelet with lots of vitamin-filled vegetables are the best. You can go for other healthy options such as warm milk and Avocados. For those who really don’t have time for cooking, grab some berries, yogurt, milk, or porridge. It will be the perfect kick-start to your day.

  • Choose the right fat

A typical Christmas dinner menu consists of turkey with stuffing, different gravies, roast beef, and vegetables like carrots, turnips, parsnips, etc. Technically, there is nothing wrong with these food items, only if we skip the dessert. They are filled with protein, vitamins, and a myriad of other nutrients. So, what’s the problem that makes Christmas dinners so full of calories?

Most of the time, it’s the oil and fat used in cooking these dishes that ruins its nutritional content and cause obesity. The saturated fats used in cooking these dishes are difficult to digest and settle down in the body making you look heavier.

Replace the butter and margarine in your kitchen with one of the healthiest forms of fat known as Ghee. A staple of the ancient cooking, ghee is highly dominant in the lactose-free and paleo-friendly food community. Ghee is processed by heating butter over low heat. During the process, milk caramelizes at the bottom, leaving a tasty nutty flavor behind. One thing, we can guarantee that your grandma’s year-old recipes will taste even better if you add some ghee in it.

  • Get plenty of water

Water works miracle for human anatomy. So, if you want to keep your hormones and metabolism right even after a filling Christmas dinner, keep up with the water intake. The right amount of water will help fight hangovers and fatigue also. So, before you head out for Christmas dinner, take a glass of water and it will ensure, you eat only what’s needed.

  • Count your Alcohol

Do not skip meals, just because you want to indulge in drinking. Alcohol is the stockpile of empty calories. After all those greasy and oily food, you need to detoxify and alcohol is definitely of no help.

Even if you can’t help but drink, stick to one type of drink, probably the lighter colored. The artificial colors used in Alcohol can worsen the hangover. Try to alternate the drinks with juices and water.

Including Amber and Gold Ghee on your meal preparations could help you tremendously. A healthy lifestyle can give you more energy, it can help you improve mental health, and it prepares your body to defeat illnesses.

Looking for the purest ghee is the city? Velamore foods is your one-stop solution for the most authentic and nutty flavored ghee.

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