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Healthy Lifestyle & Ghee as New Year Resolution

A new year is here. Like any new beginning, January offers another chance to start a new journey. From December festivities where most people let down the hair and indulge in unhealthy diets throwing caution to the wind, it is now time to set up challenges.

Healthy habits directly affect life expectancy according to a study by NHS, hence the need to watch our lifestyle throughout the season. While cheat days help to keep away the temptation of falling back into the wrong health path, one should not make it a norm. Incorporating ghee in your budget this year is a great way to start your health journey.

Tips to lead a healthy lifestyle as a goal for this year

· Pay attention to your physical appearance

A balanced life is holistic. Improved lifestyle is all-round, and your physical appearance plays a huge role in your mental health. Apart from its outstanding cooking properties, ghee is a topical moisturizer. Indian women use it to relieve dry complexions, and also on the scalp for fighting dryness. If you are chasing hair length and thickness as many ladies do, consider regular use of ghee on your hair as well. Lustrous hair adds beauty to any crown.

A healthy lifestyle includes healthy hair and skin. Make the use of natural and organic products part of your New Year resolution. Your body is the most important accessory your clothes can have. As you change the wardrobe, take care of your skin and hair.

· Pursue good health

Free radicals found in the body can destroy DNA, proteins and cells through oxidation exposing you to various diseases. The substances include alcohol, fried foods, air pollutants, tobacco smoke, and many others.

Ghee is rich in vitamin E, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants in food. These antioxidants are like scavengers that seek out and neutralize free radicals preventing tissue and cells destruction.

Adding ghee to your meals ensures that you keep a healthy life.

· Maintain the right weight

Many people purpose to do it right every new year by shedding off all excess weight and observing a healthy diet. Ghee is all-natural hence free from preservatives, trans fats and potentially unhealthy additives. It has low moisture content with a long shelf life.

Further to its natural properties, the conjugated linoleic acid helps in weight loss. As you choose to hit the gym or engage in physical activities, add ghee to your diet and make your weight loss journey seamless.

· Take care of your heart

Ghee has a high concentration in monounsaturated Omega-3 fat, similar to those found in foods like salmon. These fats promote a healthy heart and general cardiovascular system. According to a study conducted in rural India on men, people that consume large ghee quantities have lower coronary heart disease incidences and reduced serum cholesterol levels.

The heart carries life, take care of it.

· A good alternative to dairy allergies

Research indicates that about 2-3% of children are born with dairy allergies. While some kids outgrow their allergy before they hit 4 years, about 80 percent do not, and have to live with it to adulthood. While the effects of milk-related allergies like stomach upset, hives and nausea are mild, others like anaphylaxis though rare, are life-threatening.

Ghee offers a healthy alternative to milk, making it a viable alternative to people with dairy allergies. Since it is formed by the removal of milk solids, it only contains lactose (milk sugars) and casein (milk protein). The popular diet that advises on types of foods eaten by early human beings, excluding dairy products embraces ghee as a healthy food. Staying healthy includes keeping off possible allergies.

· Be keen on your nutrient intake

A healthy diet is a great treat for anyone to self this New Year. If you have been a junk addict, eating healthy should feature at the top of your New Year resolutions list. Ghee contains fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K in plentiful amounts. The vitamins A, D, E and K are crucial to many body functions from the immune system to the brain development and well-being. Additionally, ghee helps the body in the absorption of fat-soluble minerals and vitamins from other foods.

A healthy diet comes with many advantages like good mental health, as well as arms the body to fight diseases.

Velamore foods has some of the purest and most authentic ghee you can find anywhere. Make a point of having a healthy lifestyle this year starting today!

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