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Authentic Ghee

You can now stop wondering why Butter has been increasingly replaced with Ghee in recent times in America and many parts of the world. It is no miracle that Ghee has caught the hearts of many food and beverage companies. Amber & Gold Ghee is prepared using traditional Ayurvedic methods.


We believe in making food in the most Authentic way which guarantees the retention of its delicious taste, traditional flavor and a high quality. Some of the outstanding reasons why Amber & Gold Ghee preferred amongst others are because:

  • It a natural source of butyric acid which make it a good anti-inflammatory agent. 

  • It contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is an effective agent that enhances weight loss and various other cardiovascular benefits.

  • It has a high shelf life and can stay up to twelve months outside a refrigerator without spoiling.

  • It has a high smoke point so that you can cook at a very high temperature comfortably

  • It has an amazing taste.

  • As it is authentic and totally healthy for the body and mind.


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