Aiding the health and well being of our community through food

Our mission is to inspire a healthy community of people by providing our existing and prospective customers with superior quality, nice-to-taste and nutritious healthcare products which will enhance the standard of their lives by helping to coordinate the individual activities of the various body systems so that they can lead a stronger, healthier and more productive life.


Velamore Foods is a company based in Magnolia, a very calm and small city with a large amount of trees and forests. It is located in Montgomery County, Texas, United States close to Houston at The Woodlands metropolitan area.


Magnolia has a total land mass of 2.8 square miles i.e. about 7.3 km2 all of which is land. It is characterized by a mild to cool winters and a hot humid summers. Magnolia has a rich cultural heritage and one of the conspicuous sites being the historic Magnolia Depot Plaza which is open for tours.


Quality of life choices in addition to a healthy family values preeminent within the local community help create a comfortable and secured place to live, retire, or raise a family. Hence, our company which thrives on natural resources, eco-friendliness and our cultural heritage became founded in Magnolia, Texas. And we are proud to say that!


At Velamore Foods, we focus on high quality and better-to-taste healthcare products which are specifically tailored to meet your health needs and cooking experience.


Our products have been continuously vetted by world-class health professionals and leading scientists and the results have been found to be simply AMAZING. Our brand is unequalled amongst other health products or supplements of its kind in that it has been proven to possess a superior quality, better taste and no preservatives. We are committed to making your experience with us worthwhile and enjoyable..


We believe in making food in the most Authentic way which guarantees the retention of its delicious taste, traditional flavor and a high quality.

we are proud to deliver the best of Texas to our customers.
Amber & Gold has been named a Go Texan certified by the Texas department of agriculture